3 Wishes

So you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. The alarm clock desperately whined but still you didn’t wake up on time. The water for the coffee was heating up but you were out of milk. You wore your worn out exhausted Superman suit and went out to buy some.
At the elevator, you bumped into the new neighbor from the twenty sixth floor, the one with the captivating smile, but even her shining teeth could not enlighten your day.
Though the street was roaring and crowded with flocks of people emerging from all directions, you were stuck alone in the middle of a desert. It was so silent all around you; only stray winds reminded you of a forgotten, weeping sad melody. You felt lonely and different, so different. For some time now no one understands you.
“Five bucks” giggled the cashier with a phony smile.
You rummaged in your wallet and raked cents and dimes to pay her.
Dragging your feet through heavy sand brought you back to your apartment. There, you placed one round teaspoon of instant coffee and two teaspoons of sugar into a big transparent mug; you poured some boiled water and added lots of fresh milk. You like your coffee light. Stirring the mixture, you gazed at the beige whirlpool and jumped right into its center. Perhaps today you’ll catch your gold fish; otherwise a plain morning swim will have to do.

Maya, Photoshop

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